Anoplogaster cornuta, Fangtooth

Anoplogaster cornuta, Fangtooth Anoplogaster cornuta have shortened, deep bodies with a characteristically large mouth lined with sharp, fang-like teeth, giving them their common name, fangtooth. This deep-sea fish can be found worldwide. They are commonly found between 600 and 6,500 feet but have been observed as deep as 16,000 feet. The common fangtooth reaches a… Continue reading Anoplogaster cornuta, Fangtooth


2011 Rubenstein Fellows

2011 Rubenstein Fellows applications due Sept. 15 Encyclopedia of Life is now accepting applications for 2011 Rubenstein Fellows. This international program seeks to support and extend the impact of original biodiversity research by postgraduates, graduate students and other-early career scientists. Click here for more information. Photo by James DiLoreto


Encyclopedia of Life

The April 20 oil spill from the Deepwater Horizon platform is impacting a wide array of coastal and offshore species in the Gulf of Mexico. Visit the Encyclopedia of Life page for lists of affected species and links to content and other online resources. (Loggerhead turtle photo by Brian Gratwicke. Some rights reserved.)